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06 November 2008
Tense (past/future)
Oof... It's been quite a while. Needless to say things have been fairly crazy. 'How crazy,' you ask? This crazy:

1. I haven't bought comics since June!
2. I don't have an internet connection!
3. I got fired!
4. I started like a million new bands, a new CD-R label, none of which has manifested into anything concrete just yet!
5. I moved in with my girlfriend!
6. And we are living with four animals total!

What's with the exclimations? Well, in spite of the constant tumult of life and environment, I'm totally psyched on my life. To be honest, i've grown sick of complaining and feeling bad for myself constantly. There's still plenty of that going on, but I'm making an effort to decentralize that aspect of myself, and trying to be less melodramatic in general (that includes blowing the more joyous aspects of my life into some 'keep it posi' bullshit motivation). I've discovered that what Robert Anton Wilson refers to as "maybe-logic" or "general agnosticism" - a semantic game of what DT Suzuki called "eternal negation" - leaves you with no other choice but to be constantly hopeful. And that's turned out pretty well for me.

Anyway, I will be trying to rejuvinate this tiny piece of Tonio-oriented Web Space with a bit more original content, and fewer hyperlink-puns. I want to go back to where it all started in my head: being a fan.

Being a fan has been such a large part of who I am, and having no real outlet/forum for that sort of energy has a tendency to drive you a bit mad, so I'll be dishing it out here most likely. But there's enough blogs and sites out there about 'The New' that i'd rather steal a page from Siskoid's book (of geekery) and concentrate on some of the stuff that made us fans in the first place. I'll be devoting more time to 'The Classic'.

At some point I'll get around to sharing my thoughts on last season of Doctor Who, but let's just leave it at 'a bit disappointed'. That being said, I'm so fucking excited for 2010. Steven Moffat has a tendency to make me squeal like a girl... Or a pig... Or a pig in lipstick.

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Blogger Siskoid said...
While I wish the Doctor's regeneration in the penultimate story of the last series would have heralded a new Doctor in time for those 4 specials, I'm quite content to see Tennant finish his turn in style!

It's funny that you mention my penchant for "The Old" that way. I've been trying to get more "The New" in there... but I just have a hard time keeping up! The nice thing about "The Old" is that there's a lot of it... and it keeps accumulating!!

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