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30 July 2007
Gaki no Tsukai

I appreciate that these people feel the need to still skulk around in Ninja outfits, even though the guy is obviously aware of them, but forced to not react.

For some reason this reminds me of this movie I watched the other night which featured Takeshi Miike acting in it. I think that might just be the racist in me.

23 July 2007
Things We Would Do If You Came to NY
This is part 1 of a neverending series. Seriously. NEVER. ENDING.

07/23/2007 - Today, if you were in NY, we would brave the icky rain and crowded trains to deliver flowers to a grave. Who's grave you ask? Why Montgomery Clift's of course! Today is the 41st Anniversary of his death, and he is currently buried in the Quaker Cemetery in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Filipino Inmates Do

This is why my Third World Home Country rules, and yours is not as cool.

17 July 2007
Go Mouthbreathe Over There, Away From Me...

I don't care how excited you are that the Sci-Fi Network is bringing back Farescape back.

Muppets in space are still fucking lame.

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04 July 2007
shit. literally.

So recently the city of New York decided to repave my street. I have no idea why. There wasn't a single pothole on the entire road. It's funny because in the year that I lived in Crown Heights (a comparatively much more impoverished, yet far more family-friendly area) I never saw the city/county do a single bit of re constructive work.

Anyway, I woke up on Monday morning to this. When I arrived home from work I discovered that we had no running water. My friend assured me that this was merely a temporary thing, so I waited and waited. Later that evening, we got faucet water running, but only hot water. Again, the irony of this situation is that normally I can't get any hot water in my apartment, unless it's 3 in the morning. Since then, my water situation has not changed.

No shower.

No toilet.

Today is Independence Day. I have the day off work, and since I'm not a very social person, I was planning on spending the day relaxing with my cats and watching a couple movies.

Sounds like a great plan right?

Then I had my second cup of coffee and my umpteenth cigarette.

What the hell do they expect me to do with no toilet? I can buy bottled water for the cats, for cooking, and for drinking. A little body odor never hurt anyone. But am I not supposed to take a shit in my own home? Especially with the booming small businesses in my immediate vicinity letting fewer & fewer patrons have access to their restrooms? What the hell?

It's like being back in the Philippines.

Fuck this city. Again.

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03 July 2007

So a couple of friends are going to see the Transformers movie tonight at midnight.

It reminded me of this (which my friends seem to not care about for some unknown reason)


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news - Rmail

According to Beaucoup Kevin Marvel is in talks with Michael Agrusso (responsible for the possibly over exposed Mac/PC ad parodies which pit a Marvel action figures against a DC action figures) to produce similar videos for the Marvel website. It begs two questions:

1. Who would win in an ad? Plastic Thor, or plastic Supmerman?

2. Is overtly insulting a fellow publisher really ok?

Sure stuff like this is great for fans to produce, but have we gone back to the days when Marvel & DC dedicate letters columns to subtely dissing "the competition"?

Then I came across this picture:

All I heard in my head was "Hello. I'm a Gertrude Stein," and I thought that was funny.

In "real" news, Dean Haspiel & Michael Fiffe are bringing Immortal and Panorama to print in October. Image Comics will be printing both strips (which debuted on Act-I-Vate) in a single book simply named Brawl.

Also, Paul Gravett (hearts) Krazy Kat

Oh, and there was this:

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Someone Else Has Probably Already Posted This - Rmail

But I don't care. It's still sort of awesome.

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Voyage of the....DAMN!

It's Official!

The Doctor meets Kylie on the Titanic, this Christmas.

I can't believe I have to wait until Christmas for this shit...

No new SF television for the rest of the summer.

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